Soft Sunday

Easy like a Sunday morning, with these soft, elegant and comfortable long skirts.

FW14 Zara longue jupe grey

FW14 Zara longue jupe striped

FW14 Zara longue jupe noire

Jupe longue_grey_#7          Jupe longue_striped_#6           Jupe longue_noir_#7 

©ZARA Trafaluc, €16,95.
FW14 New Collection



Zara SS14

LEAF IT TO ME Summer is about to get back around the corner and idem dito its collections. It is again 3 months by now, that I work at Zara. And I couldn’t like that job more, to be frankly honest. I adore clothes, I love to communicate with people and of course, there is your pay check at the end of the month. You know that feeling when you get the chance of managing your finances on your own? It is scary, but good at the same time. Well, and enfin spending a little (or big) gift to yourself, mentionning that you’ve done a great job so far and made the right decisions in life, is just divine. What also is, I find the Spring/Summer ’14 advertisement for Zara. They are soothing, black and white (the way I prefer) and yet a splash of green leafs in the right part. Mixed, yet apart tough. ENJOY taking a look at the ads, not to forget: treating yourself with a new outfit.








Hedi Slimane

SAINT LAURENT PARIS  Arrêtez la controverse. On peut discuter tout ce qu’on veut mais on ne peut pas ignorer ce que Hedi Slimane a fait en héritage du grand Laurent. Enlevant le ‘Yves’ endommage ‘oui’ le logo connu YSL. Veut pas dire qu’il n’existe pas de respect pour Yves, il uniquement enforce l’exquisité. Passons en revue l’oeuvre de Monsieur Slimane.




Saint Laurent Paris_#4

Saint Laurent Paris_#5

Saint Laurent Paris_#7

Saint Laurent Paris_#6

Saint Laurent Paris_#8

Saint Laurent Paris_#10

Saint Laurent Paris_#9

Fashion somehow, for me, is purely and happily irrational.
Hedi Slimane


Triangle jacket

Hi dear (not yet-) followers. Recently I’ve been bizzie doing some sketching again, and I can’t imagine why I didn’t find the time anymore. Because for me, it turns out to be relaxing. I’m not a pro, but I can guarantee that my ‘ferveur’ is totally penetrated in the drawings. So, here is sketch number one. And I’d like to call it: ‘triangle jacket’. Of course, in black and white. What else?


If you have any comments or thoughts about it, please don’t hold back. As you never should in life. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


SAINT LAURENT PARIS Tout respect pour Hedi Slimane, mais cela C en honneur DU ROI Yves Saint Laurent. L’homme qui a inventé le costume masculin portable aux femmes, les vestes en cuir élégantes, tout court: celui qui a ouvert les portes de la liberté aux femmes, ne pas que dans la mode, si bien qu’autant dans la vie personnelle et professionnelle.


Enfin, c’était le même homme qui a posé la citation pure influençant ma vie, notamment que ‘La mode passe, le style demeure.’ YSL, couturier français que je célèbre, profondément dans mon coeur et par mes vêtements.




ELLE UK fashion board I don’t have to mention, i adore fashion. And I go surfing on the internet, looking for inspiration. What I love about this photo is the colorful selection, the forceful studs and brilliant pearls. Femme fatale is the way. Long live feminism, vogue, outfits and fabrics.


Blue Wires

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.
– Marc Jacobs
I’m not a designer or a fashion guru. Not at all. But after seen those amazing Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris I thought I’d give it a go, grabbed a pencil en let my inspiration into the wild, on my blank paper. Et voilà, after some tussle with the eraser, polishing my skinny grey friend, I found peace with my set of coloured pencils. I hope you like it! 🙂
I found my inspiration for this sketch at the Fashion Show from Kenzo #pfw #SS14