Bad boys

BAD BOYS IN TOWN. Weekend is the time you have and thus, make for your family. After an hour-long parlé with my grannies, I kissed them classicly with quatre bisous bye bye and turned into the street, untill I was drawn to this white lion. Totally bouche bée, I was. Even my grand dad was impressed by the french craftsmanship. (High five, grand dad!) Mon Lion! Where’s the shining owner?

PEUGEOT 308cc. I know it’s not the Peugeot 406 from the TAXI movies from Luc Besson, but when a white Peugeot hits my route, I cannot not think of Marseille and its heavenly port and atmosphere. It makes me want to just drive, explore and feel free, independent and fucking good. Bref, j’accelère.

Peugeot 308cc_Marseille feeling

 Marseille Express à votre service.

Peugeot selfie with my Peugeot casquette on




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