Zara SS14

LEAF IT TO ME Summer is about to get back around the corner and idem dito its collections. It is again 3 months by now, that I work at Zara. And I couldn’t like that job more, to be frankly honest. I adore clothes, I love to communicate with people and of course, there is your pay check at the end of the month. You know that feeling when you get the chance of managing your finances on your own? It is scary, but good at the same time. Well, and enfin spending a little (or big) gift to yourself, mentionning that you’ve done a great job so far and made the right decisions in life, is just divine. What also is, I find the Spring/Summer ’14 advertisement for Zara. They are soothing, black and white (the way I prefer) and yet a splash of green leafs in the right part. Mixed, yet apart tough. ENJOY taking a look at the ads, not to forget: treating yourself with a new outfit.








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